Update Your YouTube Shorts: Add Custom Thumbnails Easily!

Are you looking to spice up your YouTube Shorts and make them stand out from the ⁤crowd? In this video, we’ll show you​ how⁣ to easily add custom thumbnails to your YouTube Shorts, giving your videos that extra visual appeal. From designing your thumbnail to uploading it to the YouTube app,⁢ we’ll walk you through the process step by step. Stay tuned to ​discover the ⁢magic ⁢of​ creating eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube Shorts!

– Creating Custom Thumbnails for Your YouTube Shorts

Designing and ‍Adding Your Thumbnail

Begin by creating your thumbnail, ensuring it adheres ​to the video’s dimensions. Afterward, incorporate this thumbnail ​image ⁣into the front or end of a video during editing. The thumbnail’s video length is insignificant; use any still frame you prefer.

Completing and Uploading Your Short

Once your edited video is ready, utilize the YouTube app ‌to create a ‌short and include it. Finalize the video as usual, then access the video details page. Click the pencil icon and adjust the timeline, confirming that⁢ your preferred thumbnail ​image is selected. Input the remaining information and upload the video to YouTube. The transformative moment awaits on ⁣the desktop YouTube Studio video details page, where trimming and​ cutting‌ enable you to remove the video part ​featuring the thumbnail‌ image. This leaves you ‌with an intended YouTube short boasting your captivating⁢ custom thumbnail, as demonstrated in the short you’re currently viewing.
- Creating Custom Thumbnails for Your YouTube Shorts

– Adding Thumbnails to Shorts on⁤ the YouTube App

Customizing Your Shorts with ​Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Add a touch of flair to your Shorts with ⁤custom thumbnails that entice viewers to engage. Create a visual representation that captures the ⁢essence of your content, ‍and ⁣choose images or graphics that resonate with your ⁢target‌ audience. ⁢Keep‍ in mind the optimal dimensions to ensure ​your thumbnails look sharp on all devices. Effortlessly integrate these⁤ visual cues into your Shorts and watch as they elevate your ⁢videos to new heights.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Thumbnails

  1. Prepare Your Thumbnail: Craft a‍ thumbnail that aligns with the dimensions of your video. Simply add the⁣ thumbnail image to the beginning or end of the video during the editing ‌process. Swiftly move the video to your phone.
  2. Incorporate into Short: Utilize the YouTube app⁣ to create a new Short and include the previously edited video.‍ Complete the Short as you typically would, adding ⁢necessary details. Next, access the ⁤video’s Details page and tap on the pencil⁢ icon. Adjust the timeline to select the desired thumbnail image. Fill⁣ in any additional details and then upload the Short to YouTube. Witness the magic unfold as you seamlessly edit ‍the video in YouTube Studio’s video editor to remove any ⁢unwanted portions, leaving you with‌ the intended YouTube Short adorned with your custom​ thumbnail.
    - Adding​ Thumbnails to​ Shorts on⁢ the YouTube App

    – ⁤Using the ⁣Video Editor to Perfect Your Thumbnail

    While editing, select the intended video thumbnail, adjust the dimensions ⁤if necessary. Whether you prefer adding it to the beginning​ or end, it’ll function just ‌as perfectly. Don’t worry about the thumbnail’s video length.

Once you’re ⁣on a computer, head to your YouTube⁣ Studio. ​Select the ‘Video Editor’ option from‍ the video details page. Here comes the magic! Trim your video to the segment featuring the thumbnail, leaving you with a YouTube ⁤short showcasing the desired custom ⁣thumbnail.
- Using the Video Editor ‍to Perfect Your Thumbnail

– Proof of Concept: A Custom Thumbnail⁤ in Practice

Steps to Add a Custom Thumbnail in‍ Practice:

  1. Create your thumbnail, ensuring it ⁤fits the video ​dimensions.

  2. Edit the video and add the‍ thumbnail to the beginning or end. The length of the portion containing the thumbnail is not crucial.

Desktop Proof:

Once uploaded⁤ to YouTube, head to the​ Video Details page in YouTube Studio using⁣ a desktop. Select the Video Editor feature to ​trim⁤ the video. This allows you to clip off a portion of the video containing the thumbnail, leaving you with the intended YouTube Short adorned with your custom thumbnail.
- Proof ‌of⁢ Concept: A Custom Thumbnail in Practice


Q: ​How can I update my YouTube Shorts with custom thumbnails?
A: To add a custom thumbnail to your YouTube Shorts, design the thumbnail to fit the ⁤video dimensions, ⁤then add ⁣it to either the⁤ front or end of your video while editing. Once added, upload the video to‍ the YouTube app on your ‍phone and complete‌ the video as usual.

Q: Can I select the thumbnail image for my YouTube Short?
A: Yes, you ⁤can select⁢ the thumbnail ⁢image for your YouTube Short by tapping⁣ the pencil icon on the ​video Details page in the YouTube app. Make sure the thumbnail image is selected, fill in the details, and upload the video to YouTube.

Q: How can‍ I trim and adjust my YouTube Short with a custom ⁤thumbnail?
A: Use the video editor feature ‍in the desktop YouTube studio to trim⁣ and cut your​ video, ⁢ensuring the custom thumbnail remains. This feature allows you to create the originally intended YouTube Short with ​the custom thumbnail.

Concluding Remarks

updating your YouTube shorts with custom thumbnails is now easier than ever! ​By following the simple⁤ steps outlined in the video, you can create eye-catching thumbnails that will make‌ your shorts stand out.‌ So⁣ go ahead, ‍get creative with your thumbnails‌ and make your videos pop! Thank ⁤you for watching and happy creating!

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